Learn Why a Welsh Corgi Will or Won’t Make a Good Family Pet

The Welsh Corgi is a small herding type dog which originated in Wales. There are two different breeds in the family. They are the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi with the Pembroke being the most popular.

While Corgis are use mainly for herding cattle they have been know to herd sheep and even geese. These little guys are unique in their herding techniques as they nip at the heels when they are herding cattle. Their short stature keeps them from getting kicked and if the cow turns to charge them they are brave enough to stand firm and bite them on the nose. Now that we have seen some of their traits let’s discover whether or not they would be good family pets.


Your pet Corgi will fit nicely into your family if you already have pets as they get along with all types.

Welsh Corgis are very athletic and enjoy lots of physical activity. There are perfect for the active family and they especially like kids with lots of energy.

If you have young children a pet Corgi will be especially appreciated as their guarding and herding instincts will work well to keep them safe.

Welsh Corgis are brave, confident and alert making them great guard dogs. Even though they aren’t very big they make up for it with a huge heart.

You’ll find that your pet Welsh Corgi’s coat is easy to care with regular brushing and an occasional bath. Their coat is fairly waterproof which means a little water is not going to bother them too much.

They are easy going and make friends with just about everyone.

With proper training you won’t have to worry about your pet Corgi being impolite or getting out of control.

They are born competitors and do well in different types of trials and very well in herding competitions.

Their short legs normally keep them from jumping on beds and furniture. The drawback to this is that you make have to give them lift into the car.

Welsh Corgis are good looking dogs and will draw many positive comments from anyone seeing them.


Your pet Corgi will shed so brush them often. This will also be a bonding experience and will make them very happy.

Welsh Corgis need to be kept active and occupied, or their boredom can lead to mischief.

Corgis have been know to nip at heels to attempt to herd people. This is especially true with children that may stray from where your pet thinks they ought to be.

Stubbornness can be a negative factor when attempting to train a Corgi. Use lot of patience and try different methods to see which works best to train. Talk to other Corgi owners to see what worked for them. Don’t give up on their training or you might not like the results.

Since they are herders and watch dogs, they can have a loud bark. You will need to train them when they are supposed to bark and when not to.

Corgis are somewhat territorial and are not too happy when outside humans or animals come into their area. Once they determine its OK they will be extremely welcoming.

Because they are long and low to the ground, they can have spinal problems and sometimes arthritis. Regular visits to the vet may head these problems off.

Corgis must be fed a natural, fiber-filled, nutritious dog food to maintain a healthy weight. Like most dogs they will eat whatever is in front of them so you must keep them on a diet as they do have a tendency to put on weight.

They like to be where their family is, meaning inside if the family is inside, outside, if the family is outside, in the car, if the family is going for a drive.

Now that you have learned the pros and cons of having a pet Corgi I’m sure that you can see why they would make a good pet. If you want to instantly fall in love check out a Welsh Corgi puppy. They look like little foxes and are just as cute as can be. With proper training, patience and love your Corgi will bring your entire family a lot of joy and companionship especially if you or someone in the family has a lot of energy.

Source by Don A Levy

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