Many people love dogs and are absolutely crazy about it. Unfortunately, all the toys, treats, beautiful collars, comfortable beds, unusual coats and accessories cannot let your canine friend know how much you love them. In order to convey love to your pup, you need to communicate in their own language. Below, we will look at a few ways of showing love to your dog.

Make eye contact. Making eye contact between humans has for a long time been regarded as a sign of love. This is also applicable to puppies. In fact, experts have equated pet stare to hugging. When your fido looks at you directly in the eyes, the bond between you two is strengthened.

Massage your pooch. Scientifically, it has been proven that stroking a pooch may not only lower its blood pressure, but also make it relax. However, massaging your pup may enable you to share the love that you have for the animal. This is a good way to reward your furry friend when he has done something right.

Set enough time for your pet. Just like humans, your puppy loves it when you allocate time for him. We all know that life can be very hectic. With the hustles and bustles of modern living, it can be tricky to allocate time to your faithful companion. If it is not about getting late at work, it is about catching up with that old friend. Whatever the case, finding time to spare for your four-legged pal is always tricky.

The good news is that such a time is well worth it. If you could find about ten minutes to spend with your pet, you could make a lot of difference in their lives. The cur will get to know how much you love them just from that time. Not only will it show your hound how much you care, it will enable you to unwind from the stresses of work. Therefore, it is always wise to let your mongrel lie beside you when reading your favorite novel.

Give your mutt a treat. We all love to be given presents from time to time. Dogs too are no different for they love to get a treat once in a while. You can give a treat to your mutt for several reasons. If the pet has been good, has learnt a new trick or has not misbehaved, it’s time to get a piece of their favorite treat. This will let them know how special they are to you.

Play with your stray. One thing we can agree about most dogs is that they love to play and have fun. Just like small children, poodles like running around and having fun. You can show your pet that you love them by bringing out the child in you. Just take it easy and tag your faithful friend along for a run every now and then. Better still, you can play the game of fetch with the pet. Many tykes love this game. Some dog lovers go to the extent of getting muddy in the park while playing with their canine friend – all in the name of having fun and strengthening the bond between them.

Bowwows communicate a lot using their bodies. If you can understand what your tail-wagger is trying to tell you, you can focus on making them feel at ease. As a result, the dog will love you and you will enjoy every bit of it. Being a protector, guardian and friend, you should ensure that your best friend is happy through both your actions and body language. This is not too much to ask, is it?

Source by Lee Lister

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